[PREORDER] Clown Babie 🤡 Clown Bucci Plush Doll



[PREORDER NOTICE! These art dolls are preorder items and will not ship immediately. Clown Babie and Clown Bucci must reach 40 preorders each by October 31, or else they will not be produced, and everyone will be refunded. Sharing this link with others will be very helpful and appreciated! 🥺]

🤡Send in the CLOWNS! 🤡
Clown Babie and Clown Bucci are ready to tumble into your heart~ You may have watched Clown Babie on Twitch drawing some strange things, or perhaps Bucci’s handsome face has stolen your heart (very understandable)
Now’s your chance to take these boys home and love them forever!

-20cm (7.8″ inches) tall
-Legs bend into a sitting pose
-Attached clothes
-Birth Certificate included



REGARDING EU ORDERS: I am unable to send the Clowns directly to the UK, because they are allergic to VAT. If you preorder through the UK options, you will receive a unique coupon after the campaign succeeds to use on Etsy. Shipping will be paid later via Etsy.
-Please consider them as art pieces, not toys. As such, they are not safety tested.  Do not give them to small children, for both of their sakes.
-There will be minor changes to the plush, most notably the addition of a nose to Clown Babie. Overall this is how they will look for the most part.
-Estimated timeline: Preorders end October 31. If the campaign is successful, manufacturing may take 3 or more months (January 2022). Shipping via sea may take 2 months (March 2022). Fulfillment may happen in March or April 2022. Please be mindful of this timeline! If you need to change your address at any time during this, please send an email or DM on my social media.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz