wrabbit (eddie kong) ♂ 

Hong Kong-American artist (currently living in Los Angeles)

Favorite food: Any form of noodle soup (ramen, pho, matzo ball, etc) , mushrooms, italian sausages

Inspirations: toys and dolls, cartoons, Sanrio, cats.



Herbal Harmony (2020) – Art / Art Direction/ Character Design. Created for SIM JAM – Ranked #1 (Community’s Choice). A game about balancing the humors as a woodland alchemist.

Edge of the Abyss (2021) – Art / Character Design. Created for VimJam2: BOSS [8 Bits to Infinity]. A game about leading your cult into a deep dark abyss.



YuGiOh! Reanimated (2018) – 2 shots 

Sonic X Reanimated (2020) – 1 shot

Moomin Reanimated (2022) – 1 shot



That’s My Ninja Way! (2017) – Zine dedicated to Rock Lee. Art/Merch/Shipping mod. Contributed an illustration.

Cirque du Passione (2022) – JJBA Vento Aureo Circus AU Zine. Art/Merch/Shipping mod. Contributing an illustration and merch.

Shelter (2023) – Genshin Impact Found Family theme zine. Merch/Shipping mod.

Untitled (2023) – Project Sekai zine. Merch/Shipping mod.

Trail of the Qilin (2023) – Genshin Impact Ganyu zine. Shipping mod.

Our Sekai (2023) – Project Sekai zine. Merch/Shipping mod. Contributing 1 illustration

MerMay (unreleased, 2023) – Original Character mermaid zine. Merch/Shipping mod.

Wannabe! (unreleased, 2023) – JJBA Y2K theme zine. Merch/Shipping mod. Contributing 1 illustration and merch.



Naked Warriors of Nudist Beach (2015) – Kill la Kill fanzine. DESPITE THE NAME, THIS PROJECT IS SFW!! There’s a faction in Kill la Kill that goes by the name Nudist Beach. There’s no actual full-on nudity in this project!!! – Illustration

Ready, Set, Go! (2015) – Animal Crossing x Sports fanzine. Illustration.

Hey 90’s Kid! (2017) – 90’s Anime zine. Illustration and merch.

MoonBoy (2017) – Persona 5 Mishima zine. Illustration. The main twitter acct seems to have been deleted.

JoJo’s Bazaar Vol 1 (2022) – JJBA fashion fanzine. Illustration and merch.

Nexilis (2022) – Steel Ball Run fanzine. Digital merch.

Bratty Doll (2022) – YuGiOh Marik Ishtar zine. Contributed 1 illustration.

Icy Resurrection (unreleased) – Genshin Impact QiQi zine. Contributed 1 illustration.

Magia Record (unreleased, ???) – Magia Record fanzine. 3x illustrations, 1x merch.