10+ each


15 each / transparent / perfect for page decoration

animated chibi

(Please click the image to see it in motion!)
22+ each
Blinking, mouth movement, flickering, blushing are examples of simple animation. Please inquire about anything more complicated.


Flat colors: 20+ bust / 35+ full body 
Shaded: 30+ bust / 45+ full body

simple BG can be included free 

OOAK traditional pieces

small (A5): 50 single character, 95 two characters /
large (A4): 65 single character, 120 two characters

You will receive the original with shipping included within the US. There is an extra fee for international shipping.

custom character design

35+ per character
includes one custom character design and flat colored illustration.
May include detail callouts.
Please inquire about the price first!


Prices vary depending on complexity.
Per second costs: sketch 50+ / color 75+
Please inquire for a quote.