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$20 each

(can be used for commercial purposes on discord, twitch, but not to be used on merchandise)

rainbow sketch

40+ per character
can be chibi or standard style

color sketch

a slightly cleaned up sketch~ can be chibi or standard
monochrome: 32+ waist-up / 38+ fullbody
color: 38+ waist-up /45+ fullbody


55+ each
please ask if you would like me to turn your chibi commission into a keychain!

bright illustration

waist-up: 55+ / fullbody: 65+
basic shading, looks bright and warm~

simple BG is free / complex BG +40

Live2D/ VTuber Service

Models compatible with most face-tracking software that use json files (FaceRig, prprlive, vtube studios, etc)



please inquire for an exact quote based on your concept

other services

Design a character for your personal use 

quick sketch –  60
clean flats – 80
[+50% for back view]

Design an enamel pin
[manufacturer ready, commercial use]

Design other merchandise to promote your business
please inquire for a quote

When in doubt please send me an email!

OOAK traditional pieces

small (A5): 60 single character, 110 two characters
large (A4): 80 single character, 150 two characters

Shipping is not included in this price

discord: wrabbit#1452