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chibi styles

crayon – $35+

lineless – $55+

DX lineless – $75+

Turn your chibi into a keychain!
+$15, comes with 1 keychain. Each extra copy: $5. 
(Costs may vary depending on what you’d like)

Please inquire for more information.

crunchy style

head 45+ | waist-up: 55+ | fullbody: 75+
a bit retro-feeling and full of energy

simple BG is free / complex BG, please inquire

bright illustration

head 60+ | waist-up: 75+ | fullbody: 100+
basic shading, looks bright and clean~

simple BG is free / complex BG, please inquire

Live2D/ VTuber Service

Models compatible with most face-tracking software that use json files (FaceRig, prprlive, vtube studios, etc)



$20 each

(can be used for commercial purposes on discord, twitch, but not to be used on merchandise unless discussed)

vtuber merch service

Please inquire about the types of merch you’d like to offer your fans.

Example items:
Keychains, Enamel Pins, Standees, Posters, Stickers, t-shirts, and more!


please inquire for an exact quote based on your concept

other services

⭐ Design a character for your personal use 

quick sketch –  60
clean flats – 80
[+50% for back view]

Design an enamel pin
[manufacturer ready, commercial use]

Design other merchandise to promote your business
please inquire for a quote

When in doubt please send me an email!

OOAK traditional pieces

small (A5): 60 single character, 110 two characters
large (A4): 80 single character, 150 two characters

Shipping is not included in this price

discord: wrabbit#1452