Terms of Service

Bullet; Blue I accept payment via PayPal or credit card.
Bullet; Blue If your request is very detailed, I will adjust the price accordingly.
Bullet; Blue All orders at or under $50 must be paid in full before I begin work. I will not deliver the finished product until I receive the full amount.
Bullet; Blue I can make minor revisions to your finished piece if you are not satisfied with it. If more than 25% of the piece needs to be re-worked, I reserve the right to request compensation before making such edits.
Bullet; Blue I cannot give a refund if I’ve begun working or have finished the illustration already. However I will try to work with you the best I can so that you are satisfied with it.
Bullet; Blue My illustrations are for private use (i.e. you may not use it to gain profit, but you can use it for decorating your website, printing it out for display at home, etc.).
Bullet; Blue This means you may not without prior permission: Mass print the piece as a poster/other item for sale; Use my character design as a business mascot; sell character design at a higher price than paid for originally.
Bullet; Blue Please credit me wherever you use the piece – a good way to do that is by writing “Illustration by wrabbit” and including a link to this website.
Bullet; Blue If you would like an illustration to be used commercially, please discuss it with me first. These requests will have separate pricing than what’s listed here.
Bullet; Blue I don’t create anything related to NFTs. Commissioned artwork that I create shall not be used for NFTs.
Bullet; Blue Commissioning me constitutes agreement to the Terms and Conditions.