Nyacaron Cat Badge

3″ wide cat shaped metal pin badges

Featuring Pink Lemonade and Mint Chocolate Chip~ original characters part of the Nyacaron series

Lint Enamel Pin

This pin was funded via Kickstarter!

1.5″ glitter enamel pin featuring my original character named Lint, riding a musical note into the past.

-Specially designed backing card to commemorate the Circus March Kickstarter campaign.
-Backstamped, comes with 2 rubber backings.

Gigantamax Gengar Shaker Keychain

Hey! Allister’s inside of there, just hanging out!?

This 2.5″ (6cm) keychain is a special shaker charm, with a tiny Allister inside his mouth that you can shake around to your heart’s content.

(please note that this version doesn’t have any glitter. Trust me, it was actually a terrible idea!! You couldn’t see Allister at all.)

Mermimi Friends Keychain

Two best friends named Sugar and Powder, certainly up to no good~

This acrylic keychain is 5cm (2.4″) and features a heart shaped clasp and a teal seashell accessory

Electric Angel Acrylic Keychain/ Pin

Electric Angel ver. Len and Rin ~ a fan module designed by wrabbit!

The glitter keychain is 2.5″, glitter coated, double sided, and comes with a star shape attachment

The acrylic pin is 2″ with a glitter coating.

Pink Lemonade Miku Keychain (interest check)

[INTEREST CHECK PHASE] Please preorder if you would like me to restock this keychain! Estimated arrival date: October 2021, however unexpected delays may occur.

Pink Lemonade Miku! A fan module by wrabbit <3


The glitter keychain is 2.5″ tall, double sided, and comes with a star shape attachment

Hanako Keychain (Interest Check)

[PREORDER NOTICE!] This set is available for interest check preorder~ If you would like me to restock Hanako/ make Nene and Tsukasa as keychains, please place your preorder here. Expected arrival date: October 2021, however unexpected delays may happen.


-2.5″ glitter keychain
-Double sided

Deemo Acrylic Standee

I had a beautiful dream, you were there as well as I…

A loving tribute to one of my favorite games ever made. It is a two sided acrylic stand featuring Alice and Mirai on the front, and the Masked Lady Celia on the back. There are multiple song references in the details.

I’m excited to share it with fellow fans.

Pink Lemonade Keychain

Little Pink Lemonade, running off, late as usual.

The glitter keychain is 2.5″ tall, with a star shaped hook. The little lemon slice is also a cute transparent yellow!

Part of the Nyacaron series, an original design by Wrabbit

Doll Circus Washi Tape

Bjorn and Bulle tumbling around in a musical circus!
This washi tape is 15mm wide and each roll contains approximately 4.5m length of tape.
Use it for decoration, planners, or make art with it!

Rhythm Derby Keychain

Choose your roller! A set of four original roller skating characters by wrabbit

March is a poodle known for her unique skating style, it looks more like she’s dancing than racing.
Chip is a southern boy who works at a fast food restaurant when he’s not racing. “Hello ny’all!”
Bleep the black sheep is a sore loser, but he works hard and is actually sweet on the inside.
Lala is a cool-headed chinchilla who acts like everyone’s older sister. She doesn’t let a lot get to her.

Jirachi Tamagotchi Keychain

Jirachi Pokegotchi keychains~ There is a new version 2 of this design, but you may still purchase Version 1 while I still have them in stock. I will no longer be restocking Version 1 after they sell out!

The keychain is double sided and about 2″ tall, with a nice chunky feel. It uses a keyring attachment.