Rhythm Derby


Choose your roller!

This is a game that mixes the elegance of music games with the rough and tumble fun of roller derby.

Mess up your opponents by shoving them into the wrong lane, or making false note traps for them to mess up.

This game is not in development, but it would be a dream to be able to work on and play it someday.


character samples

A few of the playable characters that might inhabit this world. Each skater has unique skills that help the player in different ways, requiring different strategies.

Ideally there would be a choice of about 20-25 skaters.

style guidelines

Rhythm Derby’s style draws inspiration from a few games, most notably Harmoknight and pop’n music:

early mockup of gameplay, though the game will not play like this,  it has the proper feeling and atmosphere.

The audience will BOO at you if you mess up!

Please contact me at edisonmills@wrabb.it if you have any questions about this project, or if you have inquiries about developing this game.