2020 Wrabbit Club Collection


The 2020 Collection is all here ~ If you’ve missed the club from the first year it began, you can find them here! Be warned that for these keychains and stickers, I don’t currently have plans of restocking.

June: The Dormouse
July: Goodnight, Pink Lemonade
August: Cheeky Bjorn
September: Circus Horse (Acrylic Pin)
October: Gutz
November: Strawberry Chocoroom (Acrylic Pin)
December: Angel Food Cake (Shaker)

-Each keychain/ acrylic pin is between 2- 2.5″ in length, with various styles of attachments.
-Each sticker is made of vinyl matte material, unless otherwise specified. They are all waterproof.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz