Vocaloid Keychains

Standard forms of your favorite virtual divas!

Current Collection: Hatsune Miku | Kagamine Len | Kagamine Rin

-2 inch size
-glitter epoxy on the front side
-alternate artwork on the reverse side

[GACHA] Trick or Treat – Halloween Enamel Pins

Trick or treat!! Are you here to get a candy? Hold out your bag and see which candy you get! This pin collection features Gastly, Shiny Gastly, Chrissy, Francine, and Charlotte as sweet treats~

-This is a GACHA style enamel pin listing – this means you will get a randomly selected pin from this pool.
-Purchasing another play(s) at a future date, in a separate order, will have the possibility of receiving a duplicate
-Obtaining a full set will guarantee one of each pin, with no duplicates.

Circus March: Shinx Enamel Pin

This pin was funded via Kickstarter!

1.5″ glitter enamel pin featuring Shinx, jumping through a hoop

-Specially designed backing card to commemorate the Circus March Kickstarter campaign.
-Backstamped, comes with 2 rubber backings.

Circus March: Phanpy Enamel Pin

This pin was funded via Kickstarter!

1.5″ glitter enamel pin featuring Phanpy, the elephant Pokemon, carefully balancing a ball

-Specially designed backing card to commemorate the Circus March Kickstarter campaign.
-Backstamped, comes with 2 rubber backings.

Galarian Ponyta Enamel Pin

1.5″ glitter enamel pin featuring the new Galarian Ponyta, who totally reminds me of ice cream~-

-Comes with 2 heart shaped rubber backings, in pink and blue.

Reve Enamel Pin

RĂªve means “dream” in French, and this entity is an explorer of dreams far and wide. Why not have him travel with you on your dreamland adventures?

This special enamel pin is 2″ across and features glow in the dark colors (light blue and yellow), two backing posts with star shaped rubber clasps, screenprinting, and is backstamped.

Pink Lemonade Jumbo Enamel Pin

Pink Lemonade is back~ This time he’s a super huge (2.5″/ 6cm) soft enamel pin! For when you need people to really understand how much of a crybaby you are.

-Two gorgeous glitter colors on dyed pink metal
-Specially designed backing card.
-Backstamped, comes with 2 rubber backings.

A-grade: no errors. An excellent boy.
B-grade: seems fine upon first glance, but there may be very minor errors that are only apparent with close scrutiny. Still quite a good boy. (errors such as minor scratches, or tiny areas where the enamel hasnt been filled)
C-grade: There is an error that is apparent upon first glance and is noticeable. (The one C-grade has a part of his eye that is not filled. Please contact me if you need pictures)

An original design and character by Wrabbit~


Head empty…. no thoughts…

Ranibow Sprimkle debuts as an enamel pin! Do you need people to know you have negative IQ? That they should take it easy on you today? Here’s the perfect way to tell them~

1.5″ enamel pin

SWSH Trainer Keychains (interest check)

[INTEREST CHECK PHASE (applies to certain designs)] Please preorder if you would like me to restock this keychain! Estimated arrival date: October 2021, however unexpected delays may occur.

2.5 inch glittery keychains featuring trainers from Pokemon Sword and Shield~ Carry your faves wherever you go!

Series 1: Raihan, Leon, Marnie, Allister
Series 2: Bea, Nessa, Piers, Bede

(bolded design names are in restock/interest check mode)

Kirby’s Door Desk Standee

Your helpful friend Kirby!

You can use this to hold memos, write messages on with a dry-erase marker (not included) and keep a few writing utensils from rolling away.


-around 5 inches tall, with a lovely translucent area in the doorway
-3 pieces total
-2021 version has Kirby standing in the center of the door


Madoka Magica Keychain Series

(july 13) NOTICE! Madoka and Bebe/Charlotte are out of stock currently, and are in the process of being restocked (preorder mode). Please only order them if you’re okay with waiting approximately 1 month for them to be shipped out.

The magical quintet (plus one sneaky witch~) as keychains with matching color heart charms and a cute heart shaped clasp

The reverse side has a little surprise…!