[PREORDER] Konpeito DX Plush Doll



[PREORDER PHASE– This plush has not been guaranteed yet! Konpeito needs to reach 40 preorders in order to be produced.]

April 1-31: Preorder period
May-June: Production period
July: Estimated shipping date

“I’m Konpeito! So lovely to finally meet you, are you here to listen to our band?”
Konpeito (named after sugar star candies) is a sweetheart who takes things easy- He’s definitely the mom of the friend group.
This time I wanted to try a longer proportion, with poseable limbs!

-tell him your worries and fears
-pose him however you like, and perhaps create a silly little film
-watch chick flicks with him
-have him drive you to work

-30cm (12″ inches) tall
-Arms, legs and tail are completely poseable.
-Birth Certificate included
ADD-ON OPTIONS: Clothing set, bass guitar.
PREORDER BONUS: Polaroid print of Konpeito



-I am unable to send Konpeito to the UK, because he is allergic to VAT. I’ll have to refund anyone who requests I mail to the UK, my apologies! He will be available on Etsy after he is produced, where they are able to collect VAT properly. The rest of the EU are able to pay the VAT upon arrival of the Boy.
-Please consider them as art pieces, not toys. As such, they are not safety tested.  Do not give them to small children, for both of their sakes.
-If Konpeito cannot reach 40 preorders, depending on how many orders there are, I may end up refunding everyone or there will be a delay until 40 orders are achieved.
-The clothing sample hasn’t been created yet, so it may look slightly different in real life. Please keep an open mind!
What are B grades? (may be available after production)
Sometimes things don’t come out exactly as planned, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of love.
You might find the body is put together slightly lopsided, or there are some mistakes in the embroidery. Don’t worry! These little flaws are what make each one of us special. You can take home a B grade for a slightly lower price, and he will be forever grateful to you.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz