PREORDER – Pink Lemonade Plush Doll


[THIS IS A PREORDER ITEM! Please read the preorder notice below.]

Do you ever wish you could take a little crybaby into your home and care for him? Need someone to hug? Fear not! You can have your own Pink Lemonade!

It’s my hope that this will be the first of many Nyacaron plush. Thank you for supporting my long time dream to design a plush, whether you preorder or share it with your loved ones.

-kiss him on the head
-bring him to work with you
-pick him up like a little burrito
-ask him to perform physical labor

-20cm (7.8″ inches) tall
-Legs bend into a sitting pose
-Comes with a set of removeable clothes: Sweater, shorts, hat.
-Birth Certificate included

[PREORDER NOTICE– This item needs to have 40 preorders by the due date – June 5. If it is not reached, everyone will be refunded and he will not be produced. (I will call Thanos)

PREORDER BONUS: Each preorder will receive an exclusive can badge as a thank you for supporting the project]


-I am unable to send Pink Lemonade to the UK, because he is allergic to scones (and VAT). I’ll have to refund anyone who requests I mail to the UK, my apologies! Don’t fear though – if the preorder period is successful, Pink Lemonade will be available on Etsy, where they are able to collect VAT properly.
-It is possible that the factory may create abominations. While every life is precious, I will make sure that each Pink Lemonade that is sent out is up to high standards.
-Please consider them as art pieces, not toys. As such, they are not safety tested.  Do not give them to small children, for both of their sakes.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz