2022 Wrabbit Club Collection


The 2022 Collection is all here ~! Be warned that for these keychains and stickers, I don’t currently have plans of restocking.


January: Spirit Communion (clear sticker)
February: Cupid of Mischief (clear sticker)
March: Magical Kumquat
Juggler Pierrhyme
Lint’s Crayon
: Soft Angel
July: Alien Sighting!
August: Tang Yuan Cosmos (holo acrylic and vinyl)
September: Root Beer Roller
October: I’m a WHAT?
November: Cyber Melon
December: PL Slow Globe (shaker keychain/ clear sticker)


-Each keychain/ acrylic pin is between 2- 2.5″ in length, with various styles of attachments.
-Each sticker is made of vinyl matte material, unless otherwise specified. They are all waterproof.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 oz