Blue Raspberry Plushie


Nyacaron #38: Blue Raspberry~
Is your Pink Lemonade plushie lonely? Perhaps he’s missing his best friend and protector. Blue Raspberry can do sick tricks on his skateboard (and only falls down sometimes), and tell you cool facts about beetles.


-watch bad horror movies with him
-eat fried chicken together
-introduce him to your other plushies
-put him in charge of your finances (i mean, you could, but he’s got no concept of money.)

-20cm (7.8″ inches) tall
-Legs bend into a sitting pose
-Comes with a set of removeable clothes: shirt, shorts, jacket.
-Birth Certificate included



-*Delays in manufacturing may happen, especially due to current events. However, I will be in full communication via twitter/instagram to update everyone if something happens that affects the release date.
-I am unable to send him to the UK and Germany, because he is allergic to VAT and LUCID. I’ll have to refund anyone who requests I mail him there, my apologies!
-Please request a listing on Etsy, where they are able to collect taxes properly. The rest of the EU are able to pay the VAT upon arrival of the Baby.
-Please consider them as art pieces, not toys. As such, they are not safety tested.  Do not give them to small children, for both of their sakes.
What are B grades?
(B grades may be available after manufacturing)
Sometimes things don’t come out exactly as planned, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of love.
You might find the body is put together slightly lopsided, or there are some mistakes in the embroidery. Don’t worry! These little flaws are what make each one of us special. You can take home a B grade for a slightly lower price, and he will be forever grateful to you.
Currently all B grades are lopsided/ sewn unevenly.
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Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz